Sunday, September 28, 2014

Place needed at Xmas

Hello Fiddlers

I am a resident of Varenna and have some friends that would like I come down after Xmas through New Years.  I know the 30 day rules exist, but these are folks that come down and usually stay in our place.  Anyone wanting a short 7-8 day rental, please give me a call.


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Farewell message from David Hebert

It has been my pleasure to serve the ladies and gentleman of Fiddlers Creek the past seven plus years. I fulfilled my duties to the best of my ability under the leadership, communication, tools and policies that were provided to me. I have accepted a position elsewhere and I look forward to that opportunity. Thank you for all the cards, well wishes and your generosity at Christmas time. It was much appreciated.

Special thanks to east gate officers Maylane Virella and Fermin Aguilar for the professional work ethic and pleasant atmosphere that they shared with me on a daily bases. The Fiddlers Creek Community is fortunate to have these two officers in their employ.

Best of luck and health to all,

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Important Notice: Fiddler's Creek Foundation Seeks to Unmask Certain Anonymous Bloggers to this Site

Fiddler's Creek Foundation has served Google with a subpoena requesting the identity of certain anonymous posters to this site.  In its efforts to unmask several of you who have blogged anonymously, the Foundation has requested Google to provide,  "Any documents and records that provide any personal identifying information of the "Anonymous" authors or posters of the comments attached hereto as Exhibits "1","2", "3" and "4" that were posted on or submitted to, the Blog Site serviced by or on the dates and times listed, including the following information without limitation, the "Anonymous" authors' or posters' first and last name, address, phone number, and email address, Internet Protocol Address ("IP Address"), and IP logs."

The Foundation has requested Google to provide this information at a deposition currently scheduled for next Thursday, September 25, 2014.  If you are interested in taking any legal action to protect your anonymity, you or your counsel should immediately contact attorney Jim Bonaquist at 239-774-2229,  As part of your legal consultation with Mr. Bonaquist, he will be able to share with you the specific articles and comments of which the Foundation is seeking the identity of the anonymous authors.

Attention all Florida registered voters residing in CDD 2

Seat 5 on the Board of Supervisors for CDD 2 has two candidates running for the open seat in the upcoming November 4 election. To see each candidate's biographical profile go to:
Click on "candidates" in the left hand column
Click on "local candidates" in the adjoining right hand column
Scroll down the list of candidates to "Fiddlers Creek 2 CDD Seat 5"

Click on each candiidate's name (Klug and Nuzzoo)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Email to residents from Southwest Limousine Service

From: Anonymous

How did Southwest Limousine Service get our e-mails from Fiddler’s Creek?  Is there no privacy?

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hello - I saw the following obituary and thought there might be many residents who remember this most gracious and charming lady from Cotton Green who moved to  Jacksonville several years ago to be by her son when Alzheimer's set in.  I hope you will print it but not necessary to show my name as they can get on the web sight for comments.  

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Caxambas Republican Club - October 1, 2014 Meeting

Caxambas Republican Club of SW Florida
October 1, 2014 Meeting
Featured Speaker
~Tarik N Ayasun~
 Marco Island Resident since 1986
 Recipient of “Lifetime Achievement Award for Service to Community”
by the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce 2012
 Opinion Page Columnist for the Coastal Breeze News on Marco Island
 Marco Island Rotary Club Board Member 2000 to present
 Marco Island Charter Middle School President 2000-2009/2011
 Marco Island Code Enforcement Board Chairman 2007-2010
 Marco Island Police Foundation Board Vice President
 Marco Island Chamber of Commerce President 1994
 Forum Club of Collier County Board of Director 1994-2000
 Physicians Regional Hospital Board Member 2013
 Started Taray International Corporation in 1979
 Married for 41 years; 2 children & 4 grandchildren
TOPIC: Islamic State in Iraq, America & the West
DATE: Wednesday, October 1, 2014
TIME: 5:30 - 7pm
LOCATION: United Church of Marco Island
320 N. Barfield, Marco Island
Pls. call Litha Berger @ 954-594-4990 or
e-mail @

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Monday, August 25, 2014


PLEASE CONTACT:  DAWN  (239) 777-8520  "Cherry Oaks@Fiddler's Creek" 

Dawn DiNardo Photography

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fiddler's Creek Forums

I previously posted about starting a website with informational categories for people to post items for sale, rental units, etc.  It was relatively well-received and, if there is enough interest, I would like to move forward.

The domain name:  "" is available through my web hosting company.  Can I get a vote on this, please?

The message board would contain categories such as "Items for Sale", "Units for Rent", "Upcoming Activities" and the like.  We can also have a "General Discussion" category for people to share thoughts, ideas and general information.

I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Valerie Nowottnick

(240) 223-7293

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Goes the Lawsuit You Ask?

          I have been asked if the defamation lawsuit filed against me by the Fiddler’s Creek Foundation is over. Has it been settled?
The answers are no and no.
The current case management order which defines when the various steps in the judicial process must be completed has the case going to trial, if it gets that far, in March of 2015.
A previous attempt to settle the case through mediation was unsuccessful.
On Monday, August 12, 2014, we filed a Motion for Summary Judgment. I will not try to explain the differences between a Motion for Summary Judgment and a Motion to Dismiss, since my legal education is incomplete. You can find an understandable explanation on Wikipedia.
Intellectually the lawsuit is interesting. I am learning the language. However, the cost of my education is abominable. I could have paid for a law degree for far less, or the college education of my two granddaughters for what I have spent in legal fees to date.
My only regret other than the absolute waste of money is that we have lost our voice of dissent via the Fiddler’s Creek Homeowners Blog. It has become a classified column, which while serving a useful purpose does not have the compelling interest of an Op-Ed column. There are still opportunities for improvement within the community which would benefit from a conversation among the residents.
The Foundation stated in their Complaint against Tony Coe and the Anonymous posters that it was because of the Blog that the two tennis courts were added to the initial four.
Paragraph 15 of the Coe Complaint reads, “Coe’s original purpose for creating the Blog was to coerce the Foundation and the Developer into constructing two (2) additional tennis courts on Foundation property for the members of Fiddler’s Creek including Coe.”
Paragraph 16 of the Coe Complaint reads, “Coe used the Blog site to publish attacks on the Foundation management and Board of Directors, as well as the Developer, to cause the Foundation and the Developer to capitulate financially, and build the aforementioned tennis courts.”
I personally do not comprehend how publishing an article on the Blog addressing the need for additional tennis courts constitutes “coercion”, but that question likely will be answered by the Court.
Regardless, it is evident that the Blog has value. It is common knowledge that the tennis players had asked the Foundation unsuccessfully for many months, before the Blog came into being, to build additional tennis courts. By the Foundations own statements in the Coe Complaint, the Blog was the driving force behind their eventual construction.
Absent the Blog the voices of the residents on issues will go unheard.

Jim Schutt 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Feb and March rental

I am currently looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom rental...would like to stay until Easter...I have been coming to Fiddlers for 12 years... Family owned a unit for awhile, and I have leased...I am a retired teacher..would have a few  visitors for short visits.....I can give references from people who live in Fiddlers....Would love to hear from you ...Need to get my winter plans in order....Thanks , Pat Hannum 9401 Sherman Lane  North Royalton, Ohio 44133   440 582 0191