Saturday, November 22, 2014

For Sale by Owners - 8422 Bent Creek Way

For Sale by Owners - 8422 Bent Creek Way

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2-car attached garage

1860 square feet under air, 2403 total square feet

Numerous Updates

A.  Interior completely Repainted

B.  Bedrooms carpeted then 19" tile throughout
 including lanai

C.  New sliding glass doors off Great Room

D.  Two new screen doors

E.  All appliances recently replace

F.  Granite countertops and tiled back splash in kitchen

G.  New Comfort High Toilets

H.  Remodeled shower in guest bath

I.  Interior air conditioner replaced 5 years ago

J.  Fully furnished, including TV

K.  All New Vertical Blinds

Asking $276,900.00 prior to contracting with realtor.

Please call Owners for an Appointment:

Michael Puskar - 219-775-3682

Modean Puskar - 219-775-1066

Weber Natural Gas Grill For Sale

I am selling a like-new Weber Spirit 310 grill. Lightly used for 2 seasons at our Laguna condo, now surplus at our Runaway Bay home. Includes Weber rotisserie. This unit cost me about $800; selling for $500 ready to hook up to your natural gas line. Have it fired up for Turkey Day.

Call Jim at 518-852-2199 or email jpbpe at I can send photos if desired.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It is not too late for Thanksgiving at The Rookery!

Please see the attached menu…the “new” Rookery Clubhouse in Fiddler’s Creek is now open to all.  It is a large menu so please feel free to zoom in on your favorites.  Seating at 2pm is open…please join us-reservations required!

If we miss you for Thanksgiving please join us for lunch sometime soon….Happy Days!

Valerie Murphy
     Valerie Murphy
     Director of  Memberships

Marriott’s Members Club at Marco
The Rookery Golf Club ¿ The Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, Golf Club and Spa ¿ Hammock Bay Golf Club
3433 Club Center Boulevard,  Naples, FL 34114 USA

T:  (239) 642-2635 / [239] 793-2673    E:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fiddler's Creek Foundation Meeting-November 18, 2014

          Elliot Miller, who chairs the Financial Advisory Board, opened the presentation of the 2015 Foundation operating budget.
          Per Mr. Miller, the preparation of the budget is a very sophisticated process and is predicated upon the following assumptions:
          An objective of breakeven budgets for revenue centers, fitness, tennis and food service.
          A 4% increase in salaries.
          A 3.5% increase in cost of goods purchased
          An increase in membership of 125 members. Note: 2015-2062; 2014-1937; 2013-1824
          A total of 102 equivalent full time employees
          Priority tennis members, 92; 2015; 88-2014
          Priority tennis and fitness dues increasing slightly
          Yearly dues will remain at $2820/yr.
          Ron Albeit then took over and presented further details of the budget including how the food service budget is determined evaluating capture ratios based upon the number of members in residence in any given month versus meals served.
          In summary:
          Total revenues are budgeted at, $9,493,143, up $719,633
          Membership and Administration, $5,896,985, up $455,657
          Food and Beverage, $2,289,323, up $179,391
          Fitness, $630,803, up $40,750
          Safety, $558,480, up $83,635
          Rent Income, $157,572, up $0
          Membership and Administration, $5,237,830, up $494,348
          Food and Beverage, $2,476,291, up $38,753
          Fitness, $1,120,971, up $103,975
          Safety, $658,051, up $83,437
          Of Note:
          Payroll has increased by $501,720, which includes $60,000 for increased health care insurance
          Food and Beverage is budgeted to lose $186,968
          Fitness is budgeted to lose $214,436
          Tennis is budgeted to lose $17, 872
          It is difficult to determine if it is a reasonable objective to have revenue centers becoming at a minimum breakeven if not profitable without more detailed cost data. 
          For example, fitness, includes the fitness center (machines), fitness classes, and personal trainer(s). Classes and personal training require additional fees to cover the additional costs of providing those services . Should the cost of providing those amenities be separated out from the cost of fitness center and if enough residents do not avail themselves of the program then should they cease to be offered? Or, should it be accepted that the offerings are an important part of the C&S environment and that they be "subsidized"?
          The same analysis can be made of food service. Providing a "profitable" food service facility in a restricted club environment is extremely difficult. One need only look at the openings and closings of local eateries and even large franchise chains to understand the difficulties faced. Having the convenience of a Club eatery is likely to include long term "subsidizing". What management does to increase the "capture" ratio *(attract more residents) will determine what that "subsidy" will be.
          On to other things.
          Phil Brougham asked what the delinquency rate was on C&S dues. The answer was that the rate is zero. Delinquencies are recovered from the Capital Acquisition Fund deposit. More precisely, I suspect, there are delinquencies, but the recovery rate is 100%.
          The Board ratified an agreement with Iberia Bank extending the loan on the Club and Spa mortgage. Tony DiNardo stated that they expect that loan will be paid off in two years.
          The projected tennis facility is to be built in Oyster Harbor after Taylor Morrison sells 400 homes and $6,000,000 is accumulated in a Capital Acquisition Fund escrow account. If I understood Mr. DiNardo correctly, once the mortgage loan is paid off, contributions to the Capital Acquisition Fund from other than sales in Oyster Harbor might be used to augment the tennis facility escrow account which could result in the tennis center being built before Taylor Morrison reaches 400 home sales.
          Allison Jarosz is now heading the Design Review Committee and a Landscaping Advisory Board has been created to assure that residents adhere to the covenants. This committee meets the first Thursday of each month. Mr. DiNardo indicated that some Village Boards have not been assuring compliance with the rules. The objective is to formalize the process so that proposed changes to landscaping, house colors, etc. are reviewed and properly authorized. Homes facing the Rookery Golf Course must also comply with the agreement the Foundation has with the Marriot/Mass Mutual.

Jim Schutt

Friday, November 14, 2014

Beautiful Christmas video!

Watch this beautiful Christmas ad by a British supermarket chain!  Humanity breaks through the worst conflict at this wonderful time of the year!!

I was so moved by this, I thought it should be shared with our American friends back at Fiddler's!

Tony Coe

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Items for Sale

We just moved from Laguna to Serena and have the following items for sale:
1) Kitchen Dining Set we just purchased in February for Laguna but there is no place for it in Serena--$400
Table is 42" round and opens very easily to 42 x 60. (Paid $600+)
2) Brand new GE Washing Machine (never turned on, warranty card yet to be completed, full warranty from GE)
Gently used matching gas GE Dryer needs gas safety valve--$400 for both! (Paid $500+ for Washing Machine alone) 
Both are Bisque and include all hoses, gas line, etc. 

Call or email -- Jerry at 239-821-9508 or


Thursday, November 06, 2014

new owners in Cascada have various paintings, lamps and other home furnishings for sale

Hi!  We are new owners in Cascada who have various paintings, lamps and other home furnishings for sale.  Is there an open tag sale site that owners can use to buy and sell directly,  instead of going to consignment shops?  I think it is especially appealing since may of our homes or condos have similar layouts.

Hanging light fixture $125, two matching lamps $75 each, buon appetito coordinating prints (30"x 40") $100 each, map with tropical theme $75.  I also have prints in tropical inspired animal themes.

Full size custom bed for sale, includes bedding and pillows. $300 Gorgeous Italian inspired painting....was used as focal point in dining room. $200

Please call Lisa at 978 302-1783 if interested

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Looking for a rental in avril 2014

We own a house in Varenna wich is currently rented untel July 2015.
We wish to come to Fiddler's for 7 to 10 days somewhere between April 2nd and 14th 2015.
If you are interested please give us a call.
Thank you,

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

HOAs and Owner Involvement: An Oxymoron?

Debunking the myth that owners can actually change their HOAs

Interesting article here

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dining Table for Sale!

I am a new resident at 9358 Chiasso Court and have just purchased and received this beautiful dining table that I was going to use as a desk but since had a change of heart. It is brand new, already assembled and for sale.
Armada Medium Brown Rectangular Dining Table for Sale!
Valued at $882.99 – Paid $794.00 – Offering at $750.00
Brand New – Just received delivery.
The Armada dining table is a rustic-inspired design made of durable mango wood. A medium brown finish finishes this sturdy and traditional design.
  • Set includes: One (1) table
  • Materials: Mango wood
  • Finish: Medium brown
  • Dimensions: 72 inches x 36 inches x 30 inches
·         Dimensions: 47 inches leg to leg, 7 inches from floor to bottom brace

To view this item please call Mary DeLuca 516-754-1433

Tuesday, October 14, 2014



2012 Acadia with 1500 yes 1500 miles for sale. The car is pearl white with a camel leather interior and this car has all the bells and whistles for an awesome Florida “winter” car including a fold down third row for when the family visits.

The Auto is in Cascada and a preview can be arranged as we will be in Fiddlers Creek in November. We can also arrange a test drive with my house manager if you would like to get a look sooner.
We are asking $32,000 as they are $44,000 new and this is a new car with the new car smell and again only 1500 miles.

If interested contact Tom Lauritano at 

Or call 516-413-9087