Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Noise! Noise! And More Noise!

What is happening to this neighborhood? I live on Aviamar Circle and the noise is getting ridiculous. We have semi's hauling slabs of concrete up and down the street, we have a big diesel food wagon guy that speeds through daily with his loud muffler, construction workers parking in the road taking so much road that we have to go on the grass to get around them. Cement trucks leaving debris all over the roads and the latest is the construction engines that run all day long. Non-stop from 7am through 5 pm we listen to engines. I don't know if they are clearing lots or what but this is really ridiculous.

I don't know why Fiddlers Creek let's the semi's come through the neighborhoods and I would think the homeowners should be entitled to a break from the blasting engines now and then.

Does anyone have any ideas of why the HOA allows the construction equipment to use our roads as their speedway?


  1. Get used to the noise. How else would the vehicles get to where the homes are being built? Airlift?? Your area is just the latest to have to put up with the construction noise. It has moved through the development since 1996.

  2. Welcome to Fidddlers Creek construction policies. We went through this in Hawk's Nest for 4 or more years as heavy construction equipment and deliveries came through the back gate off Championship Drive. We were told that this would not happen when we bought there, but you'll find that promises mean nothing to the people who are developing FC. They have a long history of lying to the residents. We are so glad we sold and are now renting in another development in Naples that puts FC to shame.

  3. Aviamar circle is a public road maintained by CDD#2, so nothing you can really do about it. Show up to a meeting and complain to them.

    By the way, it is only going to get worse.

  4. I feel your pain, however you should have known what the site plan was for the future when you purchased. Fiddler's Creek is growing leaps and bounds.
    You can't stop progress!

  5. There is the road by Aviamar that cuts between 2 fields, they could cut through there and avoid barreling through neighborhoods with 18 wheeler's.

    While on a bike ride this weekend I saw a 18 wheeler trailer with a 2nd 18 wheeler on top of it.tied with a couple straps. This was left over the weekend.

    That is a safety hazard, let alone an eye sore.

    1. That puts them near the water fountain and the entrance, which will destory the brick pavers.

    2. Why don't they make a quick right turn when they come in the Sandpiper gate and travel along the outer ring of Aviamar Circle and proceed up to Millbrook which seems to be where all the construction is ongoing? That whole area that abuts US41 is vacant land and they won't have to travel on the pavers or around the fountain.

  6. The noise is really getting worse. Even the landscapers are so much worse. They used to come one day and do everything and be out in 1-2 hrs. Now they are here day after day running some sort of equipment.

    Today they are trimming bushes and running some sort of trimmer, non-stop.

    We listened to engines and trucks all week and now when the weekend should be quiet, there are still motors, saws and other offensive noises.

    I think these contractors bid low, drop off a few guys with the smallest and cheapest equipment and the jobs drag on and on.

    Proper sized equipment could get the job done quickly.

    Where is the HOA on this or is this CDD issues?

  7. Landscapers are your HOA issue. The CDD is only responsible for landscaping maintenance on main, CDD roadways and they do not work normally on the weekend. Have you spoken with your HOA board? If not, why not?